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Below we list some suggestions for requirements that you should consider asking for when enquiring about a new puppy to join your family.  We hope that you look for a breeder that will be able to offer you all of the items.  Remember your puppy is a life time commitment and hopefully you won't get a life time of vets' bills if your puppy's breeder follows some of the procedures below:-



1.   Kennel Club registration or the written promise of such


2.   Litter screen by Canine Ophthalmologist for the eyes


3.   Vet health checked and at least the 1st initial vaccination


4.Micro-chipped or tattooed


5.Mother – heart certificated – clear no matter what her age


6.Father – heart certificated clear to at least 5 years of age, thereafter a mild murmur permitted    dependant on age


7.Mother – eye certificated (clear), however the Kennel Club does not insist on a clear certificate, only that the dog has been tested


8.   Father – eye certificated (clear), however the Kennel Club does not insist on a clear certificate, only that the dog has been tested


9.   Both parents should be DNA certificated for the conditions Dry Eye/Curly Coat and Episodic Falling.  At least one parent MUST be clear of these conditions for the puppies to be unaffected.


10.Kennel Club Assured Breeder


11.Sample of breeding dogs MRI scanned, but in reality all of the breeding stock should be scanned.


12.Member of at least one UK mainland CKCS breed clubs


13.Puppies of 12 weeks or more will have had 2nd vaccination and some lead training and be on the way to  being house trained


14.Do ask the breeder if you can see all the relevant health certificates for both parents


Please go and look at the new website set up by Cavalier enthusiasts especially for people who own or wish to own our lovely breed.  This is a very new club and will be hosting a variety of events including heart and eye testing.

Click on the above to go to an interesting forum which has been discussing the best small breed of dog as the initial enquiry came from someone with children - The cavalier comes out TOPS!

N.B. Someone has posted about one of ours too and they own the brother of Teddy Roosevelt who lives in Australia & mum is our Angelina

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