"Thank you so much to everyone who participated, we really do appreciate seeing your lovely photos"

Christmas Gallery Page 2

Cavalier dressed blenheim
Hammy Hamilton Xmas 2008 Becky''s pal
Cartoon blenheim with Santa hat logo

It is not to difficult to guess who Henry

(aka Henners) is :-)

Below we have a really good selection of photos which we have put into 2 slideshows.  The photos are much larger this way.


Lower down the page is a Kennel Club, Genetics centre pamphlet which shows Henry Caton, who lives and goes to work at the Kennel Club with Nicola.


*At the bottom of the page we have given pride of place to Libby Dunster (Carolus Crown Jewel) who is 15 years old, born on 21st October 1998*  


Libby 11.12.13 at 15 years

Little Libby Dunster - what a little star :-)

Henry Caton - pride of place on this slide 2013