Our wonderful Older Ladies & Gents

Jasper 2 07

Carolus the Jazzsinger

D.O.B. 7th January 2002

Sire: Rytonion Spencer x Dam: Carolus Candlelight



Jasper's held a clear heart until 14.11.10 and eye certificates.  In fact when Jasper had his first eye test undertaken, at an all breeds test centre, the opthalmic vet remarked that he had the clearest eyes of all the dogs tested that day and there were many different breeds present.  We hope he passes this lovely gene onto his babies.


He was also MRI scanned for possible signs of SM on both 8th August 2006 at the age of 4 years and again on the 28th January 2010 at the age of 8 years and was fortunate to be scored with an 'A', on both occasions. We are very proud of our our healthy boy.


Jasper was a very keen stud dog siring pretty, lovely natured puppies including our handsome Tommy below & if you care to look at our other pages you will see his 2 beautiful daughters 'Missy' and 'Lillibet', and his eldest son 'Jolyon' at the bottom of this page.  Last and but not least he now has a CC winning son in Sweden called Carolus the Soul Singer (Yogi) owned by Pia Anderssen.

Carolus Tommy Atkins JW  ShCM

D.O.B. 11th November 2006

Sire: Carolus the Jazzsinger x Dam: Carolus Angelina JW



Tommy has performed well for us in the ring by qualifying for Crufts many times as a puppy.

On 26th January 2008 he gained his JUNIOR WARRANT, which gave him entry into the Kennel Club Stud Book and so qualifying for Crufts for Life.  We thank all the judges who appreciate our little boy.

We are now delighted to say that our Tommy gained his second title ShCM (SHOW CERTIFICATE OF MERIT) on 21st March 2009


He had an 8 month holiday in the Netherlands in 2012/13 and at the only show he attended he was awarded with CAC & CACIB @ Bleiswijk Dogshow - Netherlands 2012

Whilst there he sired some litters and one his daughters is now:-

Int.Ch.Miss Maximiliana Of The Loveley Dreamdog.


Tommy was MRI scanned on 29th October 2009 and showed no signs of Syringiomyelia.  He was graded with an 'A'.  Tommy's latest scan report is now on our site - see button on the right

Tommy held a clear heart until the age of 8 years and still only has a mild murmur. His last eye certificate was at the age of 7 dated 1st March 2014 (Cardiologist & Opthalmologist)

Tommy is just the best boy there is and my 'little friend'

Tommy 21.03.09 winning ShCM at Pinxton DCS mini



Missy qualified for Crufts each year that she was shown.  

She has exceled in her maternal duties over the years.  Her eldest daughter Portia who is also on the Show team Pages and has done very well in the show ring, gaining her JW.  Her other daughters Patience who now also has a clear MRI scan her baby daughter Peaches, who has had great success in the show ring, are all just like their mother with very outgoing temperaments.


Missy still has a clear heart when cardiologist checked on 2nd March 2013 at the age of 8 years.

Little Miss at Carolus

D.O.B. 4th February 2005

Sire: Carolus the Jazzsinger x Dam: Clockpelters Clover

Tommy on the day he won his ShCM at Pinxton CS Open Show.

Budgie sitting best with rosettes B 11.10.09




Budgie performed well in the ring as a puppy and young lady, but seemed to grow bored with it by the age of 3 years and prefers to be at home with her family of Cavaliers.  Budgie gained her Junior Warrant by the age of 14 months and had a successful show career.   She has been MRI scanned, heart and eye certifcated and DNA tested.  Both of her parents hold Cardiologist heart clear certificates over the age of 5 years.


Carolus Moll Budge J.W.

D.O.B. 14th January 2009

Sire: Carolus Tommy Atkins J.W. ShCM x Dam: Carolus Eloise

Budgie at 1 year of age

Budgie at 1 year of age

Missy at 1 year of age

Portia stand J 11.10.09





Portia, is the mother of our lovely little boy Ricky and has been my sanity dog in the show ring.  A little girl who gives her all and rarely puts a foot wrong.  She has amassed many Championship and Open show first placings and BOBs and easily gained her Junior Warrant.


After a very active show career she gave birth to her first litter in 2012 at the age of 5 and was a super little mother.


Portia was still heart clear at the age of 7 years by Cardiologist on 1st March 2014

Carolus Little Madam JW

D.O.B. 21st February 2007

Sire: Ch. Aranel Cosmic x Dam: Little Miss at Carolus

Portia at 2 years of age