Our Girls ...

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Little Miss at Carolus

D.O.B. 4th February 2005

Sire: Carolus the Jazzsinger x Dam: Clockpelters Clover

Missy qualified for Crufts each year that she was shown.  

She has exceled in her maternal duties over the years.  Her eldest daughter Portia who is also on the Show team Pages and has done very well in the show ring, gaining her JW.  Her other daughters Patience who now also has a clear MRI scan her baby daughter Peaches, who has had great success in the show ring, are all just like their mother with very outgoing temperaments.


Missy still has a clear heart when cardiologist checked on 2nd March 2013 at the age of 8 years.

Missy at 1 year of age

Sire: Homerbrent Flash Card at Kilbarchan (Cokie)


Dam: Kilbarchan's Musical Lady


D.O.B. 22nd October 2010

The photos in this pop up below are of our lovely, bonny tricolour Bunty aka 'Bunty Bagwash'


Bunty is a very sweet little dog who is not phased by any of our own 'born @ Carolus' cavaliers.


Bunty and Peaches, who is on our little Princess, are the best of friends and spend hours chewing up twigs, leaves and other assorted garden debris all over the kitchen and conservatory floor - a real 'gruesome twosome'.

Carolus Moll Budge J.W.

D.O.B. 14th January 2009

Sire: Carolus Tommy Atkins J.W. ShCM x Dam: Carolus Eloise


Budgie performed well in the ring as a puppy and young lady, but seemed to grow bored with it by the age of 3 years and prefers to be at home with her family of Cavaliers.  Budgie gained her Junior Warrant by the age of 14 months and had a successful show career.   She has been MRI scanned, heart and eye certifcated and DNA tested.  Both of her parents hold Cardiologist heart clear certificates over the age of 5 years.

We are hoping to mate Budgie for the first time very soon.

Budgie sitting best with rosettes B 11.10.09

Budgie at 1 year of age

Bunty Bagwash is now grown up and we need to get some uptodate nice photos of her.  Bunty holds clear heart and eye certificates and is clear by DNA test of CCS/DE & Episodic Falling.  Bunty has now been MRI scanned and is graded CM(1) & SM(0) - an excellent result.  

*She was recently mated to our Ricky*

Budgie sitting best with rosettes B 11.10.09