Memories of our past wonderful and very much loved cavaliers - Page 2



Tristan was one of 3 boys from our very first litter.  He became Jennie's companion and her Junior Handling partner.

He had many trips with her to camp and visiting Bill when he worked away in Hastings etc.

He was neutered at the age of 3 because he pined after the girls and needed to gain weight.  Unfortunately this led to him suffering from mini strokes, followed by a major event.  We were advised by a later, well-respected vet not to neuter the boys young, unless the have unacceptable behaviourial issues due to risk of strokes in later life.

Carolus Harrys Game

4th Janury 1991 - 20th March 2004

Sire: Ch. Homerbrent Pentilly x Dam: Chasmin Lillies Rose cum Carolus



'Gracie' held a high position in her our home, because she became one of Bill's beloved bed dogs.  She was never the brightest of girls and we always joked that she was at the back of the queue when the brains were handed out. However, she was very endearing with a sweet and gentle nature. She gave us 3 litters (planned) and 1 'lit' (last one) of a single puppy bitch.  Gracie liked the boys - hence the accidental mating!  We kept a girl from each of her litters and every single one of them had a very good MRI scan, with no SM to be seen.  What a diamond she was.

Gracie lived quite a long and very healthy live and left us very quickly with what could have been a brain tumour.  Sadly her heart was still in pretty good condition, which made her loss even more upsetting.

Carolus Chienyll

 26th April 1999 - 25th January 2012

Sire: Ch. Mareve Indiana x Carolus Coco Chanel

Tristan Chacombe Priory 1993
Gracie running