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Our Freddie - the best companion, the naughtiest show dog.  Take care little Freddie we shall never forget you, sweet dreams.  We shall see you at Rainbow Bridge.

Carolus Coronet

21st October 1991 - 16th March 2007

Sire: Ch. Cherokee of Rossbonny at Delhaze x Dam: Chasmin Cherry Delight cum Carolus


Carolus Royal Rhapsody

8th August 1995 - 16th July 2007

Sire: Ch. Lymrey Royal Reflection of Ricksbury x Dam: Carolus Coralie



Sally-Ann was the brains of our outfit & ruled the roost in no uncertain terms! - the 'Top Notcher'.  She ate her way through all the toys - anything bought by Santa on Christmas Day had disappeared down Sal's throat by Boxing Day!

She was such an easy girl to show (the brains you know!), a wonderful mother and like her siblings she gained her stud number - a credit to their super Mum 'Verity'

My 'bed-dog'whom I sorely miss - there will never be another like her - a real star amongst dogs.




'Verity' was not at all impressed with the show scene much preferring to stay at home with our family of cavaliers.  Nevertheless she still managed, during a very short show career, to gain the much prized Kennel Club stud number.  Her value to us as an outstanding brood bitch was marvellous and she was such a gentle member of our little community.  She enjoyed little puppies and loved it when they came and nestled up to her.  Like her father 'Freddie & her daughter 'Sally-Ann she unfortunately lost her fight against cancer and will be so sadly missed by us. We hope, dear Verity, to meet you again one day at Rainbow Bridge

Carolus Coralie

 2nd November 1993 - 6th November 2007

Sire: Carolus Coronet x Dam: Chasmin Lillie's Charm cum Carolus


Carolus Coco Chanel

31st March 1994 - 11th February 2008

Sire: Carolus Coronet x Dam: Chasmin Lillie's Rose cum Carolus



The beautiful tricolour daughter of our much loved first cavalier girl 'Rosie'.  Coco had a super show career to match her stunning looks.  She gained her stud number at 21 months of age and never looked back winning first in Limit bitch on several occasions.  Her prowess in the obedience ring was not quite as good though.  After having passed her Good Citizens test I thought it would be lovely to enter her at the South East Toy Dogs' Limited Obedience show.  We took our turn and she walked beautifully to heel around the ring.  The next step was to walk the same area off-lead.  So forward we went - I turned left and Coco decided "I've had enough of this" and promptly went straight on, like a bullet out of a gun - through all the rings and back to our other dogs.  The steward, amidst all the laughing, asked if I wanted to repeat the exercise - "No", I said as I fled red faced back to Coco.  That was the first and very last time we tried that one!!


Life for Coco came to an end quite quickly - she just lost the will to try anymore.  She had been battling with spinal aches and pains for the last year of her life.


Pheebles - a joy to show and oh so pretty.  She gained her stud no. at only 18 months and was eligible for the CKCS Club Puppy of the Year for 2 consecutive years.  These twins battled it out at Open Shows for BOB on many occasions.  Phoebe lived with us in semi-retirement and was a very gentle member of our cavalier family.  She accompanied us to the odd breed club show being entered in the veteran class.

Unfortunately, despite having some mitral valve degeneration, it was a brain tumour diagnosis that meant we had to make that awful decision.  She was 14 years & 4 months.

Carolus Corianna

15th October 1997 - 14th February 2012

Sire: Ch. Leogem Lothario J.W. x Dam: Carolus Coralie



D'Arcy gave us many wonderful days in the ring, firstly gaining BPIB at Windsor; followed on by his Junior Warrant and many places and wins at both Championship and Open Shows.  He also gained 'Best Puppy in Show' at the Southern Cavalier Club Open Show and 'Reserve Best in Show' at Heckington Agricultural Society.  He sired our beautiful 'Angel' Carolus Angelina JW to 'Sally-Ann' Carolus Royal Rhapsody.

He was heart clear until the age of 9 1/2 in early 2007, but by the age of 12 years, just 6 months after being

MRI scanned on 29th October 2009 and graded 'D' (not bad for an old chap) he went into severe heart failure.

Carolus Cardinal J.W.

15th October 1997 - 1st March 2010

Sire: Ch. Leogem Lothario J.W x Dam: Carolus Coralie


Angel - Our beautiful Junior Warrant girl.  On the way to her J.W. she gained 2 'Reserve Best in Shows' and a 'Best Puppy in Show'.   A wonderful show girl who performed beautifully in the ring gaining many 1sts at Championship level until she contracted the awful Haemorragic Enteritis (HE). This unfortunately cut short her show career as she never grew a decent coat afterwards and became very wary of outside surroundings.  

However, she enrolled in the Masterclass of Brood bitches giving us Aust. Ch. Carolus Teddy Roosevelt (owned by Marilyn Madigan), Carolus Lucretia, who gained her K.C. Stud no. and last but not least our dear Carolus Tommy Atkins JW ShCM.

Heart CLEAR at almost 9 1/2 years, but unfortuately she died of cancer at the age of almost 13 years, with only a grade 1 MVD.


Carolus Angelina J.W.

17th May 2000 - 18th March 2013

Sire: Carolus Cardinal J.W. x Dam: Carolus Royal Rhapsody

Amy at 13 months - Pia

Amy was a beautiful, petite little girl who retained her youthful good looks until well into her teens.   She could have had a really wonderful show career had she not been such a 'Me Me' cavalier.   What Amy saw, Amy wanted, mostly food.  She drove me to distraction with her silly manoveurs, mostly twizzling, leaping and messing around on the table.

In the end I just gave up.  Even in the Veteran classes 'she still behaved badly'. Luckily many a judge did not believe she was old enough to be a veteran.  

She has had just 2 litters; her eldest daughter 'Carolus Amethyst for Darilance' is a NZ Champion and her eldest son Carolus the Admiral won the Special Puppy Dog class at Crufts.  Her second litter gave us our Carolus Lillibet as well Carolus the Soul Singer (Yogi) and Carolus Amelie, who both went to Sweden.  Yogi gained a CC.

She was diagnosed with a  barely discernable murmur, at 8 1/2 years, on 23rd August 2009.

She never grew out of the 'me-me' attitude loving her food best, followed by my husband Bill.  She just looked at me with great distain.

We lost Amy at 15 years of age to Natural causes/old age.  She had just had enough of being old and tired!

Carolus Amaryllis

20th April 2001 - 21st June 2016

Sire: Carolus the Aristocrat x Dam: Carolus Chienyll


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