Carolus the Jazzsinger (Second scan @ 8 years)


Carolus Eloise (taken at 3 1/4 years of age)

These 2 MRI scan reports have been issued by the Stone Lion Veterinary Centre and read by Clare Rusbridge BVMS PhD DECVN MRCVS RCVS.  You will see that they both have the images taken from the MRI scans printed onto the report certificates.  This enables us to check one result against the other.  We are delighted that Jasper has again been given an excellent grade A result for his scan.  However, we are a little disappointed that our lovely Ellie is only a grade D.  This does not mean we are unable to breed from her (she has wonderful long lived relatives in her ancestory, but it does mean that we must use a stud dog with a grade A scan).  We hope that our Tommy will again fit the bill for her next litter in 2010.

M.R.I Scans of.....

"You can see the grading system chart on the following Club website:- link: - go to 'Cavalier Health' - 'Syringiomyelia' and click on the arrow for 'MRI Screening and Breeding Recommendations - January 2007'.

Almost at the bottom of the page is the little table with the information".

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Jasper's scan has been paid for by the Health Fund held at Stone Lion Veterinary Hospital for research into SM. This scan in particular came from funds collected by the West Chiltington Cavalier Club, for which we thank them very much

Our Ellie's scan has been posted onto this site with the full agreement of the breeder of her sire Mrs Ellie Mordecai (Millhill).  We thank Ellie for her kind support.

Jasper MRI scan 28.01.10
Ellie MRI scan 28.01.10