Carolus the Jazzsinger (Jasper),Carolus Rosette (Rosie),

 Carolus Angelina JW (Angel), Carolus Amaryllis (Amy),

Carolus Tommy Atkins (Tommy) & Clockpelters the Pretender.

We thought you may like to see what the results of an MRI scan look like.  Jasper and Rosie were our first 2 cavaliers to have this procedure and they were chosen as a random sample.  We are over the moon with their good results of an 'A' each :-)


Since having Jasper & Rosie MRI scanned we have now also taken Angel (very mild syrinx present, but she is over 7, so we hope that is would be not considered a problem) Amy & Tommy all of whom have had good results.  We need to have it confirmed but we are pretty sure that Angel & Amy are 'A' grades and Tommy is a 'C' (only because he is a juvenile and under the age of 2 1/2 years).

M.R.I Scans of.....


"You can see the grading system chart on the following Club website:- link: - go to 'Cavalier Health' - 'Syringiomyelia' and click on the arrow for 'MRI Screening and Breeding Recommendations - January 2007'.

Almost at the bottom of the page is the little table with the information".

N.B. Under the section for Syringohydromyelia the comment next to the 'tick' is "very mild, but ID chip distorts".  Angel was 7 plus years old when this scan was taken and just a few months ago she was checked and is still heart clear!

Angel is asymptomatic for SM i.e she shows no signs whatsoever :-)


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